Thursday, October 16, 2014

Howard Cosell likes Live From Saltwater Sally's, The United States Sex League Role Play Finals

Not since the Thrilla in Manilla in 1975 which pitted Mohamed Ali and Joe Frazier, have I witnessed such a stirring and provocative sporting event like Live From Saltwater Sally's, The United States Sex League Role Play Finals by Jay Gaudette. This detailed and pithy transcript of that extraordinary display of physical and mental sexual acrobatics is a must read for any sex-sports enthusiasts. And who isn't? Furthermore, not since I had the pleasure of working with the great Frank Gifford and Dandy Don Meredith have I personally witnessed such great broadcasting prowess as that of Chip Schumacher and the rest of the broadcast team, especially perky Julie Crookshank, who once again gets right into the heart of the action. What a trooper. So, run, don't walk to your favorite ebook retailer and download your copy today!

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