Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sexy Bits - The Load

The Load

“Can I cum on your face?”
“I asked if it's okay to cum on your face?”
“Um, sure. Okay. Not in my eyes though.”
“Gotta warn you, I drop a big load.”
“Hm? What did you say?”
“I said I drop a big load. Lots of cum. Lots.”
“Oh. Wow, you taste good. How big?”
“Big! Real big. It'll be a mess.”
“Can't be so much. Go ahead.”
“Okay, here it cums."
"Lay it on me, baby."
“Wha! What! Holy fucking shit! You weren't fucking kidding!”
“I warned you.”
“It's everywhere. It's on my blouse. Is it in my hair?”
“Yep. Right up the middle. The left side too.”
“Oh, shit! Where's a mirror?”
“In my closet, over there.”
“Kleenex. Paper towels. A handkerchief. Quick!”
“What time is it?”
“Damn it! I've got the rest of the day to go … and my new boss just came all over my red silk blouse after I gave him a blowjob. This is a helluva first day on the job, isn't it?”
"Well, I didn't hire you for your computer skills. Carry file folders everywhere you go. Hold them up high against your chest. By the way, nice rack.”
“What do I do about the cum splatter on my skirt?”
“Oh, sorry.”
“Well, fuck, you warned me, I guess. That was huge.”
“Not bad for a sixty year old man.”
“Not bad at all. How do I look?”
“Fine. Hold the file folders up higher. A blob got you on your collar.”
“Okay. How do I look?”
“Fine. Good luck. See you tomorrow.”
“Yes, sir. 9:00 am sharp, every day. (kiss) Next time, I'll eat it and swallow.”

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