Monday, December 7, 2015

Sexy Bits - She Thought

She Thought

She thought ...

I've got to remember to call Aunt Nancy tomorrow and wish her happy birthday.
Damn, that was a big one.
Cat food! I have to remember to pick up some cat food.
Come on already. Step up and let it happen, guys.
I guess I need milk too.
Fuck. This one's big!
Bread. Bread too.
It's pretty tight, but I've got it. (spit) That'll help.
Walking Dead on tonight?
I've only got two hands fellas.
Note to self—do NOT go back to that bar again. The men there acted like they'd never seen a chick before. Not that I blame them. I was looking quite hot, thank you very much.
Ugh! I hate when they aim for my eyes.
Not that I'm unhappy or anything. It just isn't how I expected this evening to end up.
And not in my ear either, you asshole.
I mean, all I had in mind was a night out, maybe pick up some dude, make a quick couple of hundred and go home.
Ow! My nose. Why do men have to push so hard?
So, like, I didn't expect to be picked up and, well, you know … this. But two grand is two grand.
Not my ass! Fuck, that hurts.
The money will come in handy. Need to get the car looked at. But then that cute guy at the shop always takes a trade.
They're moving in on me. They're ganging up. Back off boys, just a bit.
Let's see, I have a small dick in my left hand and a monster in the right. Hellooo rightee.
These seem like a cool bunch of dudes. Nice. They've been polite. No one seems to want to rough me up, like that last time. Fuck. That got out of control too fucking easily.
Wow. Look at this blonde guy. I want his number. He wins!
I'll take my time on him. Big. Hard. Nice. I want more.

She said, “Hey, stick around after everyone is done. I want to talk to you.”
The blonde guy said, “Sure thing. Ready?”
She said, “Yeah. Give it to me.

Wow, he tastes good.
I'm glad I brought a scrunchie for my hair.
Ahhh! Yeah. Fill me up guys.”
I must look like a mess. It's everywhere. These guys can't aim worth a shit.

She asked, “How many has that been?”
An anonymous voice answered, “22. Maybe 23.”
“How many more are there? I can't see.”
“Another 30.”
“Okay. Bring it on. You're a great group of guys. And I'm really getting off on it.”

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