Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sexy Bits - Snow Day

Snow Day

Sheila was very content in her bed. Snow had been coming down for several hours already and promised not to let up until sometime in the afternoon. And since she knew that school would be canceled, and she wouldn't have to put up with those snotty 10th graders at least for one day, she delighted in the prospect of not having to do anything but lay in bed and be comfy.
Her mind wandered to pleasant things. She thought about how much she enjoyed winter days when she was a child in Wisconsin and how much she looked forward to them. The look and feel of freshly fallen snow was always one of her favorite things, and there were times that she wished she was back on her family's farm rather than in Minneapolis. But at that moment, she happily watched the snowflakes falling, albeit heavily, into a new blanket of white bliss.
Sheila was happy.
“Bobbie,” she said, “I love the way you lick me. I came a couple of times.”
“I know,” said her lover. “I tasted it.”
Shelia giggled and then said, “I want to feel you in me. It's your turn to cum.” Bobbie grabbed her ankles, yanked her legs apart, and after she guided his manhood into her pussy, he plunged into her deep and roughly. She yelped, “Oh my god, YES!”
While Bobbie pounded away at her pussy with his erect, hard cock, Sheila laughed and sang, “Since we've no place to go … Holy shit, you're awesome… let it cum … Oh, baby, that feels wonderful … let it cum … Give it to me. I want it … let it cum … Ahhh, there it is.”

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