Who is Jay Gaudette?
Jay Gaudette is a modern rake; someone who endeavors to enjoy the good things in life. He is also a pen name that I use for two reasons. First, I (the man behind Jay) am an independently published author of travel related books and articles under my real identity, and I didn’t want to get people confused…or freaked out about the erotic stories coming from their favorite travel author. Also, I publish several blogs that are very popular within a certain recreational community and I just plain want to avoid the hassle of people not being able to get their minds wrapped around the whole thing. The second reason I use a pen name is that since Jay is fictional I can use him anywhere. For instance, he is both the writer and a character in the Jay Gaudette’s Friends and Lovers short story series. He’s a flexible guy.

Why erotica?
Why not? I like to read erotica and I enjoy pornography. I find writing erotica to be very easy for me to do.

What are your ambitions?
Good question! And I don’t really have an answer, other than to say I’m not under any illusions of fame or fortune in writing erotica. There are erotica publishing companies and there are several successful independent erotica writers. I just don’t think I want to hassle with it. So my plan is to write great stories that are driven by great characters and plots, and throw in lots of great sex. I’ll promote it the best that I can, and see what happens. To be frank, I don’t need the money. Besides, I am a travel writer, which means I travel a lot.

Who do you write for?
Since my works are as character and story driven as much as they are, I would say that men and women can enjoy them. But I like that idea that men that enjoy a good story, and not just good sex scenes, would enjoy them. (Fuck stories, ie: insert dick in pussy and push, makes for boring reading.)

Are you a pervert?

NO! I’m a very well balanced person with many tastes and inclinations. I’m married to a wonderful woman and we enjoy a monogamous and healthy romantic and erotic relationship. As a matter of fact, she contributed greatly to The (un)Conventional Affair, my first novel, with great insights into the female characters. 

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