Cooperative Marketing Proposal

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Cooperative Promotion Proposal


Like many of you aspiring independent erotica and erotic romance authors, I have become discouraged with my results. In the last twelve months, I have published three novels, one anthology and eight short stories, and those that have read them have liked them and thought they were of very high quality. But so far, every kind of marketing and promotion that I have tried has produced practically zero results; only a couple of sales and no reviews. And to add insult to injury, whenever I did a free promotion, literally hundreds of downloads flew out of Amazon’s and Smashword’s servers.

But I happen to be pretty damn stubborn. In my working life I was a hotshot marketing and sales guy. There had to be a solution. But what?

I remembered one of the most basic principles of marketing; third party testimonials sell. And in our world of indie publishing, that means reviews. I need reviews. You need reviews. We all need reviews. We also need content to fill the constantly insatiable hunger of the internet.

I propose a cooperative marketing arrangement. It may not work, but it has all the right ingredients for success: reviews, links, content and volume. And it’s free, except for a little time and attention.

Here’s  how it works.

I will review a story of yours of your choice; short or long form. (supplied via email as a .doc or pdf)

I will write an honest but positive review and post it to Amazon or Smashwords, my Facebook page (and then share it to five erotica reading groups), my Twitter  feed, a special board on my pinterest page and my blog. I will include a picture of the book and give it a Jay Gaudette Fedora rating (one to five fedoras. But, of course, your book wouldn’t ever get lower than a four rating, would it?) The review will include all the pertinent links to your book’s shopping page, your website or blog, your FB and Twitter accounts, and any place else you choose.

And I will supply a story to you as a .doc or pdf, and you do the same things for me. Just like above. (Pinterest page optional.)

Then, I will throw in a bonus since I’m the one instigating this thing. I will conduct an email interview with you about your book, edit it into a transcription, put it out on all the same channels as above, and give you a .doc version of it for you to use however you see fit.

It’s a win-win. We both get positive content to promote ourselves. Again, there’s no guarantee it will work, but it’s at least worth a shot.

I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jay Gaudette

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